Fraser Potholes

Jaclyn Rapp, Author

In the city of Fraser there has been a lot of complaints for the public works, mostly for pot hole maintenance. Throughout the past few years pot holes have infamously gotten worse not only in Fraser but all of Michigan.

There are more requests on fixing pot holes in peoples neighborhoods and streets to keep up with.

Complaints and requests are filed everyday, I asked Jessica Schlicker, a Fraser Resident on whether or not the city is keeping up with the requests. “I believe they’re doing their best, there’s just too many pot holes in the area.” Schlicker said.

When asked on how we could fix this, Schlicker responded with, “We could hire more people, there are plenty of people who could either volunteer to fix their roads or companies in Fraser can have a volunteer day. We can’t keep driving and expect people to just fix it, we need to all come together as a city to repair our roads.” Schlicker said.

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