GAWVI “Closer”

Photo courtesy of GoMoxie.

Photo courtesy of GoMoxie.

Olivia King, Editor-In-Chief

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The fresh new producer and DJ, GAWVI, is releasing his first single “Closer.” GAWVI has been working with Pharrell and Rodney Jenkins since 2011 to gain experience and determine his genre of music. GAWVI broke out as an independent artist in 2016, releasing Lost In Hue and Holding Hue, both made #2 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts.  “Closer,” featuring Julissa Leilani, was supposed to create an Alternative/Electronic feel, but instead, was pieced together with several parts from former songs. The first five seconds of the song macthes the first five seconds of The Weekend’s The Hills. The beat throughout the song matches the styles of Calvin Harris; the most obvious is his single How Deep Is Your Love. GAWVI’s style of holding notes and pitches sounds quite similar to that of John Legend. Moreover, the song doesn’t have the unique style that was intented. In fact, the message beneath the lyrics is of course about love and relationships, relating to EVERY other song that has been released this year.

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