The Amazing Johnathan

Tylah Fortson, Writer/Editor


Photo Credit: Amazing Johnathan Website –

John Edward Szeles, or as he’s known in the magic world, The Amazing Johnathan, is a magician and former Fraser High School student. His acts include a mix of dark comedy, and well, magic tricks.

A journalist named Norm Clark was a witness to a showcasing of Szeles’ in New York at an Entspeaks event. Szeles, who is now fifty-six years old, has performed in New York for over thirteen years. Clark noted Szeles on stage joking, doing magic, and finally, revealing to his audience that, that would be his last show because he was retiring.  According to Clark, the retirement was due to health issues.

“My heart is failing. I can’t do show anymore because my legs lock up and my hands lock up and that’s kind of (crappy) for a magician,” Szeles said.

Szeles shared on stage that he has had an amazing career. He has a classic car collection, performed far a president, has worked with many other amazing acts, and has accumulated millions of dollars over the years.

He said, “I made a million of dollars. Had two beautiful houses, and everything came crashing…down when I was told I had a year to live. The 25-classc car collection and all this other stuff, means nothing to me now.”

It’s scary how life takes its turn. The Amazing Johnathan will always be amazing. But right now he has to settle into being just John Edward Szeles again.

“Don’t feel sorry for me because I’ve had the best, most incredible life that you could have. Everything I ever wanted I got,” Szeles acknowledged.

He can no longer perform and he is still struggling with his health. But anyone can tell he will always be in love with magic. Through it all, he’s even managed to keep up with his great sense of humor.

He ended his speech with, “Even though I’m sad about it. I got a beautiful wife. Just got married. Made sure she signed a pre-nup just so I know she loves me.”

Although it is sad to think that he has to go into retirement because of his health, it’s comforting to know that he lived a full life, by his own admission.  He walked these same halls and when it was his time, he became a grown man with a great career and a beautiful life.

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