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Faces in the Hall, October 25

October 25, 2013

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      Morgan Wiza (left)            Q: What is your favorite class and why?           A: “Probably Accelerated Intro to Calculus because it is a challenging class, yet I understand it because I enjoy math.”    Melissa Medrano (right)    ...

An Exchange Student’s View

October 25, 2013

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By Karoline Asdal    This year, Fraser High School has welcomed six foreign exchange students from six different countries all over the world. I'm one of them.  My name is Karoline, and I'm from Norway, a small country in ...

Caution on Concussions

October 23, 2013

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By Josephine Morenski According to WebMD, a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull. From professional...

Sweet Treats

October 11, 2013

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Potatoes are one of the most consumed vegetable in the United States. With this nutritious vegetable, there are many ways to prepare it. The way I tried was to use the all mighty grill. This yummy dish is called Grilled Sweet...

Dungeon and Dragons

September 16, 2013

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In a world filled with magical creatures, one powerful man and many species, one club’s mission is to defeat all evil thrown their way and not die on the adventure. “Dungeon and Dragons is a role playing game played on a...

Hall Monitors: Heroes Without Capes?

March 13, 2013

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   Whether a student has been stopped by one or not, everybody knows who the hall monitors are. From around a corner or several feet away, a student is warned of the monitor from the voices and static coming from the radio attached...

A Fraser Fighter

March 13, 2013

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   The doctors came to a conclusion: if they didn’t pull the plug, Brad Jones would be a human vegetable for the rest of his life. With much time in prayer and a heart of faith, Jones’s mother, Donna decided that she wanted...

Big win for Fraser Performing Arts

May 3, 2012

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This year, Fraser's band and choir attended the annual Heritage Festival. The symphonic ensemble, Jazz band, and show choir received a Gold Rating, earning them 3 plaques as well Students also won awards for their individual performances....

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