What You’re Drinking

drinking water

Fraser students look puzzled when their water bottle fills up with cloudy water.  Though after several minutes, the fog gradually fades away, leaving the almost  tasteless and clear drink that we all love. Most students, staff, and even guests drink  from Fraser’s drinking fountains. But is the water that comes out really safe?  Or is the discolored water a safety and health hazard for many?

Fraser High School’s water supply is managed by the Detroit Water and Sewerage  Department (DWSD). The DWSD treats water that is retrieved from Lake Huron and  the Detroit River. If it is treated and cleaned, then why does it often come out  white?

“Its air that mixes with it, and it’s mainly in the beginning. With the air in it looks  like it’s milk and gross but it’s just air and water, so it’s nothing,” FHS head  custodian Dan Hogan said.

The water at Fraser is the same water in most homes of people in the Macomb County area. The water comes from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, and it works 24/7 to ensure safe and clean water.

“The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department tests hundreds of samples each week in their certified laboratories by highly trained staff,” a recent Fraser news letter states, “Detroit water not only meets safety and health standards but also ranks among the top 10 in the country for quality and value.

Though many students complain about low water pressure and unappealing high temperatures of the FHS drinking fountains, the water is surely safe to drink.

“I know that’s always a concern out of the drinking fountains. At the elementary schools, everyone’s afraid to drink it, but we drink it. I’ve seen them cut the pipes up, I’ve seen what they look like,” Hogan said.

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