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Passion Pays Off

preschoolers playing with pumpkins during future teacher visits

   Life is expensive, school is expensive, supplies are expensive, and funding is difficult to get. This is why so many schools apply for grants in order to get money. A grant is an amount of money given to a program to help fund things they may need. 

   Mrs. Bozinovski is in charge of the future teacher program and the consumer science program and she decided to apply for a grant so she could gather more materials for her classes.

   She heard about this grant from the state CTE consultant and had to apply for the money. It was then approved for Mrs. B and she was given the money to use.

   While Mrs. B teaches many classes, such as Foods and Nutrition, this grant will be used only for the Future Teacher classes. Materials gathered from this grant so far are children’s books, activities relating to math such as dice or blocks, and supplies for the cricut machine.

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   “A lot of the materials that we did receive will be used towards activities and plans that students will deliver in their field placements,” Mrs. B said.

   All of the materials from this grant will be used once future teachers get into classrooms. It creates tools that students can use to help teach lesson plans and involve themselves in the classroom when they get the opportunity. Some other materials can be used to help decorate classrooms. 

   While this might not seem like a necessary fund, it really helps to include the children and make them more interested and excited during lessons. 

   “The beauty of the items that I received is that the kids have the opportunity to be creative, thats what its all about,” Mrs. B said. 

   Many grants do have restrictions such as only being used for technology or only being used for a certain grade level. In this case, there are very little restrictions, as long as it is for the future teacher class, it is whatever Mrs. B wants to use it for. 

   Many of Mrs. B’s students have exclaimed that they love her class. Students agree that it’s a very good class and super useful for those going into teaching. 

   “I’m really excited for when we are able to go to the classrooms to help the kids,” said Celeste, student in the future teacher class. 

   This grant will allow Mrs. B to motivate her students to be more excited for her class by supplying them with more materials they are open to use. Having materials such as books to read to kids gets the students in future teachers excited to go into teaching and gives them much more experience when they can copy what a lesson plan would be like. 

   “I’m so excited for the grant because it will allow students to be creative in delivering lessons,” Mrs. B said.

   She is very passionate about teaching and about her Future Teacher classes. She is always excited to tell the students about her lesson plan or next field trip the students are able to go on.

   “I always had a special teacher I remembered in school. I, too, wanted to make a difference, and help students to grow into their best self,” Mrs. B said.

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