MSBOA State Solo Ensemble Competition


Gabby Tonn, Flash Staff Reporter

This past Saturday the Fraser High School band students participated in the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association State Solo and Ensemble Festival. 18 events qualified for state solo ensemble, with 17 competing, and 16 events bringing home first or second-division ratings.

According to James Rodgers, High School Band Director, “14 events received “Superior” First Division ratings, equivalent to the overall grade of an “A”, and 2 events received “Excellent” Second Division ratings. The soloists in grades 10, 11, and 12 compete at a sequenced proficiency level, which includes performing a solo piece, memorized scales, and sight-reading music they have never seen before. The proficiencies get increasingly more difficult as they progress by grade. For the proficiency ratings, a “Superior” First Division is a score of 85 – 100, and an “Excellent” Second Division is a score of 70 – 84.”

Along with individual students, four chamber ensembles- the Flute Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble also took home first-division ratings. Each of these ensembles is comprised of 9-20 students.

Congratulations to all the students and groups that competed.

First Division Ratings:

Noah Pashby, Tenor Sax, Proficiency 1 = 95
Declan Johnston, Piano, Proficiency 2 = 95
Jacob Paradowski, Trumpet, Proficiency 1 = 93
Declan Johnston, French Horn, Proficiency 2 = 92
Matthew Cobus, Euphonium, Proficiency 1 = 89
Paige Teer, Flute, Proficiency 1 = 87
Cydnee Cox, Flute, Proficiency 2 = 85
Jude Johnston, Snare Drum, 9th Grade Solo
Aneko Nichol, Olivia Deir, Katelyn Frazier, Nic Durnell, and Alexis Mulka—Percussion Quintet
Anna Colley, Ari Lulgurah, Theresa Moronczyk—Woodwind Trio
Flute Choir (12 students)
Brass Ensemble (12 students)
Percussion Ensemble (13 students)
Saxophone Ensemble (11 students)

Second Division Ratings:

Keith Kanne, Snare Drum, Proficiency 3 = 82
Anna Colley, Flute, Proficiency 2 = 80