Fraser DECA Team Wins Big At Tournament!


Fraser High School DECA Team (Photo courtesy of Mr. Forlini)

Ewelina Bogacz, Flash Staff Reporter

Fraser’s DECA team competed on Saturday, January 7th at Lake Orion High School against 8 other schools. 

 “This was our best showing ever at the district level. All the students worked really hard to prepare for the competition and proudly represented Fraser,said Mr. Forlini, the head of DECA for Fraser High School.

Fraser High School won a total of 18 medals and qualified a total of 12 students for the State Competition.  

In DECA, students compete in competitive events that are related to finance, marketing, and business. Primarily, they do role-play situations where they are given a problem related to a competitive event. For example, a company is having issues with its marketing team. The students are given performance indicators that they need to address in their role-play situation. There are other events, such as online simulations and writing.

Aneko Nichol was one of the state qualifiers at the DECA meet. She focused on the topic of Personal Finances and did an amazing job presenting it at Lake Orion High School. 

 In Deca, I learned many new skills that can help me in my future. My event specifically taught me a lot about how to manage my funds responsibly for the rest of my life. Studying for my event has taught me many things I didn’t know. Even the process of just going and competing has taught me a lot,” Nichol said.   

Fraser High School DECA student Sean Cartmel also competed in the competition. He focused on the topic presented in Principles of Marketing in DECA 

“I believe that the communication and leadership skills taught and developed in DECA are key skills that will help me in any career I choose in the future,” Cartmel said. Being able to have a formal conversation with someone is very important. Additionally, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial in life. If you’re working in a team event, teamwork and problem-solving with others are crucial and will come in handy in the future.” 

On that note, Great job Fraser DECA and the last competition! Fraser’s next competition will be at the State level in Detroit from March 9 – 11.