A Heart Wrenching Day


Anonymous 2, Writer

February 14th, a day where couples can show off their affection for each other and give each other sweet gifts like candy, flowers, or bears. A day full of love and adoration, what a lovely day, until you look a bit closer to the holiday. Although it’s such a sweet day, many don’t enjoy it. The holiday is just another way for companies to suck people dry of their money for trying to validate their relationship. 

Those who are single, whether it be by choice or by circumstance, may find Valentine’s day to be emotionally exhausting. Many couples use the day to flaunt their relationships- however unstable they may be. But the reality is, a good relationship does not need to rub itself in the faces of those without a significant other in their life to know that it’s a success. 

Valentine’s day should have been called validation day, because many couples use the day to validate their relationship and pretend it’s going well. It’s a day that forces romance on couples that are falling apart. It also creates a lot of pressure for couples that aren’t, with people having to buy the most roses or biggest teddy bears or huge amounts of chocolates to prove their love to their partner. The forced romantic environment drains any genuine emotion from the day. 

With companies raising prices on flowers, chocolates, and more- the costs of valentines day skyrocket.  Some couples spend hundreds of dollars for just one day, succumbing to the cultural pressure to celebrate the holiday. Companies raise their candy prices to $10.00 but the next day they are selling for $2.  

Valentine’s day is an emotionally exhausting holiday for singles and couples alike. Incredibly high prices drain the pockets of the individuals who are forced by their society to celebrate the holiday. Overall, Valentine’s Day is hardly a holiday and should not be celebrated as one.