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Alexzander Burt Earns Eagle Scout, The Highest Rank in Scouting

Zander, David, Matthew, and scoutmaster Eric at the completion of the Eagle Scout Project

   With plenty of students at Fraser High School involved in extracurriculars such as sports and clubs, there is one student who really stands out. Alexzander (Zander) Burt, a senior at Fraser High School, is part of and takes such pride in his local boy scouts community.

   Recently, Zander has earned a reward called the ‘Eagle Scout’. An Eagle Scout is the highest rank in a boy scout’s career, but not every scout gets it. In order to receive this rank, you must put in time to earn merit badges along the way. All scouts also have to put in a certain amount of service hours and surprisingly, not a lot are willing to do so.

   Another part of earning this rank is completing a final project. This project must be carefully planned and approved by the boy scout’s leader. It also has to benefit the community in some type of way.

   “I earned it through the help of my scouting family and by putting the work I needed to in order to get this project completed,” Burt said.

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   Zander’s project was a blessing box located at St. Pio of Pietrelcina Parish on 13 Mile and Kelly Rd. His blessing box is an outdoor food pantry in order to support the church to help get their food pantry to a more public access for those who struggle with buying food for their families.

   His food pantry is monitored by the church and runs on an honor system; give what you are able to and take what you need.

  “I decided to do this project because I’ve been a member of this parish for several years and I wanted my project to have a meaning to it. I could’ve done new benches at Fort Fraser, which would’ve been nice and important, but how does that help people in need?” Burt said.

   Zander said that when he went to church, he was given the idea and he was more than happy to take the project and bring it to life for them.

   The blessing box was built entirely from scratch.

   Zander has been part of the boy scouts for twelve years; he joined the program back in first grade at the age of six. He joined simply because it looked fun, and it definitely has been. Burt claims to have made many friends and had so many new experiences. He believes scouting helps to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for boys that not everyday experiences can offer to someone.

   “For example, through scouting I have gone white water rafting in several different states, mountain biking in Pennsylvania, and actual rock climbing on the side of a small cliff here in Michigan,” He said.

   Burt said he has learned so much about himself through this program and would have never of had the chance to take part in these experiences if he didn’t join the program.

   Boy scouts have impacted Zander’s life in so many ways, this including it teaching him life lessons and having in impact on his family.

   “Because of me wanting to join scouting, my dad fell in love with this program. He never got to be a scout when he was a kid so when I wanted to join, it was his own unique way to become one,” Burt said.

   Zander believes this program helped him to grow closer to his dad and to have made so many amazing memories with him that will be cherished and always held closely to his heart. Scouts have also taught him a plethora of skills, especially survival. This includes starting a fire, how to camp in cold temperatures, how to cook and bake new goods, and how to not get lost in the woods. This showed Zander how scouting is a family of its own. Burt believes he would not have been able to come as far as he has if it wasn’t for his scouting brothers and sisters.

   Burt has had many people help him throughout the way. Some notable friends are David and Matthew Olivier, as well as their dad, Eric; these three helped get Zander’s project kicked off. Burt and his father had originally planned this project out but unfortunately, he passed away due to complications with lung cancer in May of 2023. Burt dedicates this project to him

   “If it wasn’t for the help of the Olivier family and all the scouts that pitched in to help… this project would not have been able to get completed,” Burt said. “I’m always going to be grateful for the help that they gave me”.

   On the side of the food pantry box is a plaque that was made by Mr. Olivier for Zander’s dad. This project was officially completed on the 14th of October, 2023.

   Zander has had an amazing journey with super supportive people, and has taken so much action to be the person that he is today; a true leader. Zander’s father would be so proud of the young man he has become today. 

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