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New Science Teacher


At the beginning of the 23-24 year, Fraser High School introduced a lot of new teachers. One teacher who has really gone beyond the expectations is Ms. Rovcanin.

Ms. Rovcanin graduated from Sterling Heights High School, she then moved on to Wayne State. Once arrived at college she began pre-student teaching also at Sterling Heights High School. Ms. Rovcanin then student taught at Avondale High School in her last year of college.

“I started teaching on my own for the first time January 3rd, 2023” said Ms. Rovcanin.

Meaning that her budding career is really off to a great start.

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One fun fact about Ms. Rovcanin is that she recorded a daily vlog every day of 2021, she continues to vlog today but in a different way. Ms. Rovcanin does daily teaching vlogs now, these vlogs consist of teaching tips, her lesson plans, even just a run through of her busy life.

Just at Fraser High School Ms. Rovcanin teaches Environmental 1 and Human Anatomy, second semester she will be teaching Human Anatomy again and Biology. To say she is well rounded would be an understatement. Ms. Rovcanin is always up to take on a challenge and one can tell she really loves to teach.

Another special thing about Ms. Rovcanin is that she has daily questions. She asks her students these daily questions like simple things, such as “what is your favorite restaurant?” expanding to more complex questions like “what were you told a lot as a child?” These questions not only make her students think but they allow her to learn more personal things about each and every one. Ms. Rovcanin writes all of her students answers down into a RemNote, this allows her to make these special connections with kids and makes it easier to memorize little things.

RemNote is something that Ms. Rovcanin feels very strongly about, it is a website like Quizlet but it personalizes your learning experience based on how well you know the flashcards. Ms. Rovcanin introduced this website to us within the first 2 weeks of having her class. This is because she wants to give us all of theresources possible, allowing us to do the best we can, not only in her class but in life.

Ms. Rovcanin’s favorite class to teach is Human Anatomy, this is because she has complete freedom over what she teaches, and how she teaches it. Ms. Rovcanin has taken on a more hands on approach with her Human Anatomy class this semester, with 3D models, dissections, and lots of hands on experiments. These factors in a class can make it something one would look forward to every day.

Fun Fact Ms. Rovcanin has a cat named Pinki, she is two years old. Pinki also has a private instagram account.

Ms. Rovcanin’s favorite grade to teach is a tie between sophomores and juniors.

“They’ve already been hazed freshman year and have an understanding of how High School works but aren’t burnt-out to the point that they have senioritis.” said Ms. Rovcanin.

She enjoys teaching kids who are eager to learn and absorb what she teaches without them being immature.

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