Parking Lot Construction

Photo Credit: Savanna Di'Stefano
Photo Credit: Savanna Di’Stefano

A new parking lot was built in what was once the field connecting Fraser High School and Richards Middle School. Construction began over the summer and was finished partway into September. Not only did the construction create some traffic trouble coming in and going out from Fraser High School, it created a whole new concern. Where will the shot put and discus members throw?

Lindsey Wojcik, a member of Fraser High School’s shot put team, reveals her true feelings about the new parking lot and her initial reaction.

“The first thing I thought of was the throwing circles. [My sister] and I used to practice there everyday after school, even after the season ended,” Wojcik said.

Having the throwing field replaced with the new parking lot was a big disturbance.

“It made it really hard for [my sister] and I to practice shot put and discus. The throwing circles were the only place we could practice in a ring with nets and the shot put pit. We have resorted to trying to throw in our backyard because we can’t practice at school anymore,” Wojcik said.

Daniel Waters, the Director of Operations for Fraser, shed some light on the new parking lot situation.

“This lot is primarily used by the middle school but it does offer additional parking for the high school. It can be used for large gatherings at either building and even offers opportunities for stadium parking,” Waters said.

When asked how the construction affected that area of the school, Waters gave a surprising answer.

“It hasn’t at all. Through the proper planning and coordination with the staff, we have been able to construct the lot with no or minor disruptions,” Waters said.

Brad Robinson, Fraser High School’s Athletic Director, also gave more insight on what exactly happened with the throwing field.

“We knew all along that the shot put and discus had to be moved. One of the reasons is that the area where the new shot put and discus spot is couldn’t hold a parking lot, but it can hold shot put and discus. I actually think this location is better because when you look at where all the pads are, you don’t have to go out of your way,” Robinson said.

The new location of the shot put and discus was chosen to hopefully make things easier for the team as well as their coach.

“The nice thing about the new location is that, coaching wise, it’ll be a lot easier. The fact that it’s all pavement makes it very easy to roll whatever they need over there. We didn’t lose any number of cages, we didn’t lose any pits for shot put, we’ve got the same number, and the whole process was just an easy transition,” Robinson said.

The disturbance of moving the  throwing fields was minimal.

“I don’t see it as a big deal and Mr. Murray [the throwing coach] doesn’t see it as a big deal. We had his opinion on location and everything else as well. Overall, I think it’s a win-win,” Robinson said.


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