Origami Birds and Hope


Olivia DeBlaere, Flash Staff Reporter

If you were to walk through the English hallway on the second floor a colorful display is sure to catch your eye. Mrs. Short’s AP English 12 Class is responsible for the delicate paper birds strung about inside. 

The birds are made from multiple types of paper. Sophie Meyer said she used pages from a dictionary to make hers. Other students like Rebecca St.Ogne used colorful construction to make their birds. 

Now, why? Well, this year the class read Hiroshima by John Hersey and were inspired. In short, the book is about six survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima who have to live through the effects. It is a heart-wrenching and depressing story bound to make you cry. The origami birds tie in because of the symbolism. 

“We got the idea to make the paper cranes to symbolize the hope for a better world. The Crane is a holy creature in Japan that is said to live for a thousand years,” said Rebecca St.Ogne, Fraser High School Student. 

The class used vibrant sheets of paper to coat the inside of the display, filling the bottom with their creations. They used smaller pieces of paper to write words of encouragement, love, and happiness. Even with the dark message of the book, the students were still able to find a way to make it a lesson. They found the good parts and used them to make something for the school. 

“They made paper cranes and composed messages of hope. Hope for the students of FHS, hope for themselves, hope for a better world or future,” said Lisa Short, Fraser High School Teacher.

“I love the message we are conveying in the display of hope through hard times. Surrounding the cranes with beautiful words of encouragement and love brought all of the AP 12 students together to create a beautiful display for the whole school to appreciate,” said St.Ogne.