Fraser Band Success at MSBOA


Gabby Tonn, Flash Staff Reporter

This past week, Fraser High School’s Varsity, Symphony, and Concert Band competed at the district 16 MSBOA competition at Dakota High School. All three bands took home “Superior” first-division ratings.

According to Mr. Rodgers, high school band director, “The bands are adjudicated in performance by three judges, competing in 5 musical categories of Tone, Intonation, Rhythm, Technique, and Interpretation, for a total of 15 grades. Grades of A through E are assigned to each of the five categories and using a 4 point-calculation method, overall ratings are assigned by each judge from First Division (Superior) to Fifth Division.”

The 50-member Fraser High School Varsity Band competed on Saturday, March 11 in class D, and received two first-division ratings, and one-second division rating. They also took home a first-division rating in sight-reading, earning a “Superior” first-division rating overall.

The 106-member Fraser High School Concert Band also competed on Saturday, March 11th in class C. They received two first-division ratings and one second-division rating, as well as a first-division in sight reading, taking home a “Superior” first-division rating overall.

Lastly, the audition-only, 40-member Symphony Band competed in class C on Wednesday, March 15th. They earned straight first divisions and a second division in sight reading. Earning Fraser High School a third and final “Superior” first-division rating.

“A special thank you to Mrs. April Fiedler, FHS band assistant, for her assistance with each of the bands throughout the school year and the festival weekend. Also, thanks to each of the elementary general music teachers, Ms. Peyton DeSchutter, elementary band director, Mrs. Shana Fleming, elementary band assistant, Mr. Sheldon Santamaria, RMS band director, Mr. Mike Perkins, RMS Choir director, Mrs. Karen Hagerty, FHS Piano Studies, and Mr. Nic Charland, FHS choir director, for their support, preparation, motivation, and assistance with the students in the Fraser Music program,” band director Mr. Rodgers said in a statement.

Congratulations to the Fraser Band Program and all the students who competed!