Fraser High School Students Win Big At National History Day Competition


Gabby Tonn, Flash Staff Reporter

This past weekend, Fraser High School students competed in the district 8 regional competition for National History Day. Fifteen of these students will advance to the state competition at the end of April for a chance to compete in the national competition in Washington DC in June.

Congratulations to the following students:

Seniors Faith Aloia, Vanessa Ellis, Alisha Gentz, and Frankie Palazzolo with their exhibit “Salient Steps toward Suffrage.”

Senior Taylor Frazier with her exhibit, “Ready! Set! Play! Frontiers in Videogaming and the Industry’s Earliest Influences.”

Senior Gabby Tonn with her performance, “A Patriot’s Pen: The Legacy of Mercy Otis Warren.”

Junior Kirk Wohlfield with his website, “New Frontiers: The Hubble Space Telescope and its Terrestrial Impacts on Technology.”

Junior Zack Howey with his documentary, “Opening up the Skies Above the Seas: A New Frontier in Warfare.”

Sophomores Mya Lees and Olivia Palazzolo with their documentary, “Obstetrical Tragedies Lead to New Frontiers in Medical Sterilization.”

Sophomore Amber Masinick with her exhibit, “The Dark Lady of DNA: Rosalind at Work.”

Freshmen Katelyn Frazier, Aneko Nichol, Nic Durnell, and Alexis Mulka with their exhibit, “Parkensine to PET: The Frontiers in the Plastic Industry.”

Good Luck at States!