Skills USA


(Photo courtesy of Mr. K)

Ewelina Bogacz, Flash Staff Reporter

Culinary students from Fraser High School competed at Dorsey College on Friday, January 20th. School competitors included Dakota High, Golightly Career, Harper Woods, Lincoln High, OSTC-SE, Romeo Career, Warren Tower, South Lake, St. Clair Tech, Warren Consolidated, Pankow, Eastpointe, and Fraser. 


The students who won at the competition for Fraser were Akeelah Jones who won a gold medal for baking, Lorens Lleshaj who won 4th place for cooking, and Stephan Latshaw who won 4th place in Skills USA restaurant service!


The Culinary students from Fraser will now compete at the state level in Grand Rapids from April 14-16. Chef is very proud of his students that competed and said “Thank you to everybody for your support as the students prepared for the competition.”