The Batman – The Review


Dawson Sarcona, Flash Staff Reporter

Matt Reeves’s “The Batman” brings our favorite caped crusader back to the big screen in a major way. This film was written by Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, and it stands out amongst all other comic book movies. When I first heard that Robert Pattinson was going to be Batman, I was very skeptical as a fan of the character, but after seeing this movie it is safe to say that he is definitely the best Batman.


The acting from Pattinson and his co-stars is one of the many aspects that make this movie stand out. Batman is a very complex character who is forced to balance the life of a billionaire orphan with the life of a vigilante crime fighter. There’s a saying with Batman that I think puts his lifestyle best: Batman is his true self and the persona of Bruce Wayne is the mask that he wears. Pattinson perfectly portrays that aspect of Batman and the struggles that go along with it. Overall, he was really able to focus on the emotions of the character, making him feel more relatable and appear a better hero.


Zoe Kravitz plays Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) in this film, and she does justice to a character who hasn’t been properly represented in the past. Other movies haven’t been able to capture her personality accurately, or how she clashes with Batman; this movie does it absolutely perfectly.  Every time they share a scene, their chemistry flows off  the screen, and even when she’s by herself, Kravitz stands out and truly brings the character to life like we have never seen before, solidifying her as by far the best Catwoman. 


The villains of this movie are also beautifully crafted. There are so many, and yet it doesn’t seemed forced. It all feels natural. Paul Dano as the Riddler was nothing short of masterful, and his mentally unstable spin on the character is spine-chilling; however, I would have liked to see a little more of him in the movie. Colin Farrel as the Penguin is a genius, and although he has some comedic effect, he is frightening.


The main reason that this movie was so good was its comic accuracy. It provided us with the much more detective-like Batman that we have all been waiting for. It was clear that Reeves is a true fan of the character, as even the cinematography and lighting choices helped to emulate the comic aesthetic. It keeps a comic book feel while still having the very dark tone required for a Batman movie.


The overall design of this movie is grounded in reality, with the Batmobile being a built up muscle car, and the design of the Riddler being reminiscent of the Zodiac killer. They also did mostly practical stunts, so almost everything you saw physically happened. These stylistic choices truly allow us to get rooted into the world of this film and not get distracted by obnoxious costumes or impractical special effects.


To say this movie was amazing would be an understatement as I believe that this is a near-perfect comic book movie. I would have to rate this a 5/5. I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys detective noirs or comic book movies, or to just the average viewer (however it is very violent, and may not be suitable for kids). I know it’s early in the year, but I think we could be looking at the best movie of 2022.