Fraser’s New Turf


Noah Woods

This winter, the Fraser High School got brand new turf, this turf was one of many new projects to improve the school and district. In terms of quality, this turf is said to be the best. 

The Athletic Director at FHS, Mr. Redshaw, also stated that this turf was the “top of the line quality” that this company offers.

The process of installing the turf went very good as well. The demo of the old field and then preparation for the new field was all finished in December. This let the underlayment material settle for the winter and was ready for the turf by March.

On March 1st, the final touches to the underlayment were made in preparation of laying the new turf. The turf company started installation on March 15th and was finished by the time school got out for spring break.


When explaining if there were any special features to the new field, Mr. Redshaw said that they were installing a brand new concussion pad as well. This concussion pad is very special because it is made from recycled turf from old fields and is crucial in keeping players safe on the field.


According to Mr. Redshaw the turf will last anywhere from eleven to fifteen years, and the concussion pad around twenty five. This means that when they do need to replace the turf, they will not need to replace the concussion pad. 


The turf also features a Rambler head that is rumored to be Michigan’s biggest high school stadium logo. It stretches from 25 to 25 and is very impressive. 


The turf’s final installation price was “$508,432,” Director of Operations, Maintenance, and Transportation, Mr. Waters said. 


The new field is top of the line technology and will hopefully host many Rambler wins in years to come.