US v. China: Race For Vaccine

US v. China: Race For Vaccine

Annie Williams

With the whole world dealing with the crisis of the coronavirus, countries all over the globe are racing for a vaccine to COVID-19. Currently there are over 40 potential vaccines in the works. The two countries ahead of the race are currently China and the US. 

Trump earlier this week has stated that this pandemic will last to late July or early August. This is because with developing a new vaccine there are many trials that it has to go through. Trials and testing can last months, and then there needs to be a way to make the vaccine accessible and be able to send out to the large population. 

The US is running clinical trials now. Other countries are in development stages, but China has started their clinical trials as well. The US vaccine is being developed by Moderna, a private corporation. China’s vaccine is being produced by a public military research institute.

China has been a leader in vaccine research and development. In China there is the Peopls’ Liberation Army (PLA) that has many resources to help develop the vaccine. They also have less restrictions like getting samples. China also has exclusive core technology like the US.

Unlike the US, China is emphasizing on how they want the vaccine to be free for everyone.

There was a report that Trump offered a large quantity of money to a German pharmaceutical company called CureVac to sell rights for a possible COVID-19 vaccine exclusively to the US. While China wants  to have the vaccine accessible for everyone. China also shared the genetic sequence of the coronavirus to help other countries develop diagnostic kits.

So now the world just has to see who develops the vaccine first, and whether or not the vaccine will be free or have a price tag.

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