“Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore?” A Review


Emma Guzman, Entertainment Editor

Ally Evenson’s new single,  “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore?” puts listeners in a trance with poignant lyrics and a hauntingly intricate melody. Evenson’s clear tones and drawn out phrases are the perfect complement to the brooding instrumentation. The piano is consistent, yet ever-fresh, and the sparse violin is a nice touch. Her lyrics speak to the nostalgic melancholy of a falling-out. Heartfelt emotion shines through every word, and you can’t help but feel it with her. The bridge is surprising and powerful; one of Evenson’s main draws is her expert use of unique chord changes and swelling dynamics. “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore?”  will envelop you and immerse you in its sweet sorrow, and you will find yourself compelled to hit replay, just to experience it one more time. 


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