EMMA – The Epitome Of Dullness

EMMA - The Epitome Of Dullness

Annie Williams, Writer


From Janes Austen comes the romantic comedy based in the 18th century is Emma, a movie about a young woman who plays cupids and meddles in her friends loved lives. Throughout the movie Emma turns from a selfish girl to more understanding of the people in her lives. She then finds love that has been next to her all along.

Sounds like a sweet story line, but it is such a bore. Although it’s cute and there are some funny bits here and there, overall it’s slow and is like any other Jane Austen story. This two hour film should have cut 30 minutes from it because there’s a lot of points where things happen but is unnecessary. It just drags on. Then although there are some good funny moments, they quickly become redundant. Such as the joke of the father worrying about the draft that gets tiring after the second time. Actually the father was just there to add humor, but he quickly became dull. The most interesting thing that happened is when Emma, the main character, calls out her friend on her much of a blabber mouth she is. That part was really funny, and the whole theater thought so as well, but it seemed the director or writers wanted us to have a different reaction. After that small funny moment it’s clear it wasn’t supposed to be funny because it creates tension around the character and leads to a dull climax of how Emma learns she’s a bad person. Of course Emma learns from her ways, helps her friends, and ends up falling in love with the man she always fights with. On a good note, the scenes and cinematography are nice and there are a few funny parts, but that is covered by the dullness of the film.Overall it is a bland movie that offers nothing special.


Grace: C-