What Made You Want To Show? – Death of the Drive In


Annie Williams

Death of the Drive In is a new alternative rock band that has released their first single What Made You Want To Show? I came across the song while scrolling on instagram and the cover art intrigued me, so I checked it out. 

The song is about leaving this bad person that he constantly fought with but finally ended it. Now the person is trying to come back but the relationship is already dead in the water.

What makes this song interesting is the vocalist. His voice is something I don’t often hear anymore but it sounds good with this alternative rock sound. I do think in some parts he sounds very monotone but in other parts he gives off lots of emotions. Such as at the end when he cries that yeah. It’s a bit jarring but is full of emotion.

Another thing with his voice is that sometimes it’s muffled by the music. Especially with the guitar the lead singers’ voice is in the background and the guitar overpowers him. It makes it a little hard to hear his voice and what he is saying. The instruments are quite powerful, so it makes the voice sound like an instrument itself.

It’s 4 minutes long but it feels like it goes by faster than lightning. I never felt bored with the song and didn’t feel like it dragged on.

The song as a whole is good. I like the vocalist’s voice, and I like some of the lines like “Maybe that makes me the bad guy, but I figure you weren’t worth my time.” It’s a good song, especially considering that this is their first single released. It seems Death of the Drive In has a lot of potential.

Overall Grade: B+