Layton Greene – Myself

Layton Greene – Myself

Kymora Jones, Flash Staff Reporter

Layton Greene is an R&B and Hip-Hop singer-songwriter who has been through many tragedies and issues through her life. She’s made it through abuse, living on the streets, and still managed to become a pop sensation.

Layton was born in St. Louis, Missouri and became viral when she posted a cover of Kodak Black’s “Roll in Peace” on the internet and it luckily got her noticed; recognized.

After more covers and remakes, she started making songs. “Myself” blew up in a matter of minutes in 2018 and is still an admired song.

“Myself” is about Layton’s view of a toxic relationship and her feeling like she’s not good enough for her partner.

Breakups and heartbreak is always a relatable topic, but coming from a lady’s perspective, there’s no doubt that Layton has many female fans.

Layton has a great voice and she really knows how to write her pain in lyrical form. She is very talented and “Myself” is a great song for reflection. She portrays a message to take it slow and learn to love yourself before anything else.


Grade: A