Every Second Adds Up to a Minute

Every Second Adds Up to a Minute

Kymora Jones, Flash Staff Reporter

Ella Mai Howell is an English singer/songwriter born in London and signed to Interscope Records. Ella Mai is most popularly known for her award-winning R&B song “Boo’d Up,” but created many albums before that like Change which includes “10,000 Hours.”

“10,000 Hours” is about mastering love and how long it could take. She sings about how she’d stay up waiting for a call knowing “every second adds up to a minute,” but she would keep waiting because mastering love could take 10,000 hours.

On the upside, she believes the strength from love comes from time and communication, and she is confident that the relationship will only get stronger.

The tone in Ella’s voice is promising and light as she sings about love and brings an uplifting, but also confusing, mood to the song.

She sings about love and communication, but also seems unsure that the partner might not call back or will waste her time. In some points, she gives off a rather desperate vibe, but snaps into a lovey-dovey tone again. It seems one-sided or as if she’s the only one trying in the “relationship.”

“10,000 Hours” is a great love song, but can get rather confusing, lyrics wise. Other than that, her singing voice and background track makes the song flow into the successful hit she was intending to make it.

Grade: B