Is Rod Wave the New Wave?

Is Rod Wave the New Wave?

Kymora Jones, Flash Staff Reporter

Rodarius Green, also known as Rod Wave, is a hot artist from St. Petersburg, Florida signed to Alamo Records with a recent song called “Heart on Ice.”

In this hit, Rod gives his life story. He sings about his “abandoned adolescence,” committing crimes, getting backstabbed and heartbroken, but he also shares how he wants to make millions to get away from the pain.

The tone in his voice expresses his pain, but the way he mixes it with the lyrics and the track in the background, creates a musical story. He provides listeners with the type of story that many can relate to and share pain they both felt.

“Heart on ice” is a sincere and passionate song that many should listen to when they are “in their feelings” or just want to listen to a nice song.

Grade: A