Travel in SMART has changed again!


Isabella Skaggs, Flash Reporter

A rule enforced by Vice Principal Mr. Ohrt, traveling was not allowed on either Monday or Friday.

After a lot of complaints and thinking, Friday was announced as a travel day again. This made a lot of kids less stressed.

“I’m glad I have Fridays now because I have more time to take care of my competency’s and missing work”, says senior Annie Williams.

Annie speaks for more people than herself when she says this.

“Travel was restricted on Mondays and Fridays to allow students time to come up with a plan for their travel during the week. Mondays were to be goal setting days and Fridays for reflections on the progress towards their goals,” Mr. Ohrt said. “As the use of the testing center progressed, and as the need grew to remediate with teachers it was brought to the FHS Administrator by staff that Friday travel may be necessary to balance the opportunities to review and remediate with staff.”

“I think it opens up the opportunity for better grades, and the opportunity to see the teachers more,” sophomore Allison Hatzenbuhler said.

Mr. Ohrt concludes his message.

“FHS Administrators agreed to this with the expectations that goals, and reflections were completed each week before a student is allowed to travel, ” Ohrt said.

With Friday now a travel day, students and teachers are less stressed, and have more time to do what they need to do.




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