Indie Rockers in the D


Emma Guzman, Flash Contributor

Indie rock artists, Palehound and Big Thief took over The Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan on October 17th for a night of intense guitar leads and stellar performance. Palehound took the stage with no introduction and ripped right into their song, “If You Met Her” from their 3rd album. Lead singer Ellen Kempner’s  raw, gravelly vocals cut through the room and deep into the hearts of her audience. The band’s passion for music brilliantly shone through their performance. Both bands are on tour to debut live performances of songs from their new albums: Palehound’s Killer and Big Thief’s Two Hands. After Palehound made their exit and several guitars were brought out onto the stage, Big Thief made their entrance in hoodies and jackets over their performance attire. They let their intricate melodies and masterful guitar playing speak for themselves as they enchanted the crowd with their music. The highlight of their performance was the 5 minute intense guitar solo in between songs. Lead singer, Adrianne Lenker gave The Majestic a sneak peek of two brand new songs with an acoustic approach. Both bands gave Detroit their all, and it made out to be a remarkable show.

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