Amiability in Book Club


Isabella Skaggs, Flash Reporter

A lot of people are not aware, but Fraser High School actually has a book club.

The sponsor of book club, Mrs. Stephanie Kepler, says she started the club 4 years ago when a group of girls talked to her about creating a place where they can discuss the books they have read. Word got around about the club, and Ms. Kepler said the second year of the club, the membership doubled.

Ms. Kepler wants people that plan or consider joining to know that, “Book Club has not been just a place to talk about the books that we are reading, but it also turned into an environment where we can share our creative writing like poems and short stories or even talk about how our week went.”

Book club is also a place for people to talk about how their week went.

She goes on to say that other things  “We go around and share one great thing we want everyone to know about and one not-so-great thing that may have happened to us in the past week.

Some books that have been read in the past in the club are: Looking for Alaska by John Green, Paperweight by Meg Haston, and The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas, along with many others. The current book that is being read is Thin Space by Jody Casella.

This club meets every Friday in room 1700, from 2:30-3:30. Mrs. Kepler also wants to add, “Thank you to my family and collogues that have given me monetary donations and returnable to help offset many of the costs that come with running an amazing club like this.”

A member of the club, Annie Williams, Senior, says she joined Book Club 2nd semester of the 2018-2019 year, and really loves it. One of Annie’s friends was in the club, and she thought she would give it a try, and since then has loved it. She goes on to say

“Overall, it’s a good club and I love talking about the books I’ve read,” said Williams, “We also get a lot of snacks, and I love snacks.”

Coming from a new member though, Sophomore Hanna says, “ I joined because my friend was joining and I ended up staying because books are neat.”