Zhavia Ward Kills it With Her Song “17”

Isabella Skaggs, Flash Reporter

Zhavia Ward, a new name and face in the singing life, gained her fame after competing on the show ‘The Four: Battle for Stardom’. Although she didn’t win, she got a lot of exposure and attention from the show. One her songs, specifically her song “17”, is one her best songs yet. Her vocals are truly unique, as she can use a really deep chest voice, but also top it at a beautiful high head voice. In her song “17”, she sings about her life when she was younger, and how you should own your life and live it under the circumstances you have. She also goes on to say in her song ‘I knew life would change for me, this is reality, look at me now’, basically explaining how her life changed, and it is not a dream anymore to rise to fame, because it’s now her life.

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