Seasonal Disappointment


Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

MXMTOON is a 19 year old bedroom pop singer that uses a lot of ukulele in her song as a part of her signature sound. MXMTOON recently released a song called Seasonal Depression and is about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It explains how MXMTOON feels during certain times of the year and how she struggles to see anything good. It is a sad song starting with a slow ukulele but then abruptly changes into a fast paced pop song with drums. The changes are jarring in a bad way and ruins the mood of the song. Adding the lyrics in, the lines are a bit childish and is sometimes a bit weird. “I don’t like LA ‘cept for tacos and Venice, But God, I would move, get some rays and play tennis,” It just seems like a weird line to have and is not that good. The song as a whole is average and the changes made the song drop lower. It is ok for background music but is not that good to sit down and listen to. 


Grade: C

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