A Busted Idea For Buses


Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter


Although slowly started in the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year, IDs’ to take the bus have been put more into action this school year. Fraser partnered with Synovia Solutions to create scanners on the bus for students to scan their IDs’ to get on and get off. This idea is for the High School and Middle School, but Fraser is also planning to test this operation with their elementary schools. Fraser Schools believe this will improve safety, but so far didn’t make any huge impact and many students don’t like it. I am one of the students who don’t like it and believe that it’s more tedious than helpful. It is not a great idea because of other factors like weather and not having an ID.

It’s a tedious and slow system that many times isn’t sufficient. It takes a long time to get on the bus for bigger bus stops like mine. There’s about 20 students at my bus stop so it takes a very long time to scan and get on the bus. Then the scanners don’t work a lot of the time. The scanners won’t read the ID so a student just stands there for a good minute just waving around the ID in every direction possible to get it to read. It’s a long and annoying process.

Already an annoying process, but gets more tedious with certain weather. When it’s rainy, students don’t want to stand in the rain and get soaked, so when the bus comes students are running to get on the bus. They don’t want to wait in the rain or in the snow to scan. Scanning just leave them stuck in the bad weather and makes them more irritated. Then with staying longer in the weather they have a higher chance of getting sick and overall is very irritating.

Along with weather issues, sometimes students don’t have their ID. When they don’t have their ID some drivers won’t let them on the bus. Even when they have drove the kid to school for 3 years and they have brought their IDs’ before they won’t let them on. This is a problem because students who take the bus usually have no other option to take the bus because they have no other form of transportation. So not letting the kid on the bus, makes it so they can’t make it to school and miss a class even though it’s not their fault. Students should just worry about getting on the bus on time and be able to without any other worry.

Across all circumstances the scanning on the bus has had a poor execution to it. The systems have multiple issues and rarely work. Then it takes way too long and can be more irritating during bad weather. Although I and other students understand that the school wants to make it safer to take the bus, it is an inefficient way to provide security. It doesn’t help with safety and having scanners doesn’t make students feel more secure.  If the school wants to try to approve the safety then there needs to be better scanners on the bus and make it faster and easier to scan, or try to create a different system then scanning on the bus. The school can also improve on their cameras to watch what students come on and off the bus to help the security. There are many other ways to improve the security, but the current scanners are not improving anything.


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