All-States Honor Band

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

One of the best band students in Fraser High School, Rachel Gieleghem, has been accepted into the All-States Honor Band.

The All-States Honor Band program by MSBOA was established in 2005 and selects students from 5 ensembles: a Middle School String Orchestra, a Middle School Band, a High School Full Orchestra, a High School Band, and a High School Jazz Ensemble.

The 12lth grade clarinet student prepared an announced etude, a series of scales, and sight-read in the 10 minute recorded audition that is submitted with only an identification number, making the student and school anonymous. Fortunately, Gieleghem was accepted and got the tremendous honor to join the All-States Honor Band, and fill in one of the 400 seats that over 2,000 students auditioned for. In January, the students will assemble for two and a half days of rehearsal with nationally recognized conductors. Then there’s a concert on the Saturday of the Michigan Music Conference.

Congratulations to Rachel Gieleghem.

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