First Year Of The Principal


Principal Ryan Sines with Peter, a senior, during homecoming.

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

On July 9th, a new face came to the school. Rhyan Sines, the new principal, came from Clawson, and was looking for a new opportunity to work with an innovated school like Fraser, and fortunately he got the chance to.

Before Clawson, Sines was a social studies teacher, football coach, basketball coach, and baseball coach for Riverside high school for seven years. He then completed his masters in 2006 and moved to Michigan and started working at Clawson. He was the assistant principal and athletic director for two years. Then he decided that being principal at Clawson is something he wanted to do.

“It was around 3rd  or 4th year of teaching, and I loved teaching, coaching, and being part of education. My principal was being promoted at the time to Superintendent, and he really pushed me into getting my masters for educational leadership, “ said Rhyan Sines, “Through a lot of conversations with him and being on many teams with him, he had convinced me that it would be something that I enjoy doing. It was something that definitely interest me, and I think that I have the best job in the world

For the next eight years, he became the principal for Clawson and loved every second of it.

““It was great. I loved going to work everyday. It was a small community, with great kids, and I got to know every student and a lot of their families. Some of my kids still go there, so I still intend some of their events and enjoy going back there. It’s a great community. It’s small and like a close knit family, very similar to fraser,” said Rhyan Sines.

Although he loved working at Clawson, Sines decided to leave Clawson and find a job at a different school.

“I left Clawson on good terms, great community and good school, and I was looking for more innovative schools. School that were doing things a little bit different, and Fraser was always one of those schools for me, and I like the things that they had going on.The job opened up, I applied for it, and I was fortunate enough to get, “ said  Sines.

Right in the beginning, the staff were very welcoming to him.

“I couldn’t ask  for better treatment in a more welcoming atmosphere than the first day I walked in here. Everybody has been so welcoming and so kind, all the falculty, custodions, secretarites, teachers, lunch ladies, bus drivers, the superintendent, the whole central office, student, and parents, it’s just been a wonderful transition cause transitions can be hard, “ said Sines,  “Going in a new job can be hard, being the new guy on the block is very difficult, but I couldn’t ask for better treatment. It’s just been fantastic.”

Sines had made a good impression on many of the students and faculty, and so far many people like him as the principle.

“I like him a lot, and I think he’s doing a good job. I also think he made a good and huge impression among the students and staff, “ said David Kuppe,  social studies and psychology teacher at Fraser.

When he came to Fraser, he decided to start fight song friday, that many people enjoy and was actually a tradition he brought from Clawson.

“Fight song friday was something my old director at Clawson started about 2 years ago. We would play it on Friday, and play the fight song of Clawson’s’. At some point in time we started interjecting different times of music in the hallway between passing time, “ said Sines, “So it could’ve been Christmas music, charlie and the pumpkin patch during Halloween, just different songs on different holidays and it seem the students really enjoyed it. The teachers also enjoyed it and it just lighten the mood between passing time.”

Just like in Clawson, the staff and students at Fraser enjoy fight song Friday and the other music that plays during different holidays, events, or celebrations. All the songs that have been played created strong school spirit among everyone, and makes many people feel good.

“I like fight song Friday because it’s generates interest and pride in the school, and it’s been awhile since we had that. So, I think it’s good to have it, “ said Kuppe.

Sines likes a lot of things about Fraser, from the innovation, the one to one of Mac-books to students, the competency based learning, and the environment. His favorite thing about Fraser is the students and all the different choices they have for education, and

“They can go into CTE, take cyber security classes,they can do welding, and just so many other electives because of programs like HOSA, Student council, and the performing arts center is phenomenal,” said Sines, “I think the student leadership has been great with Stuco, and homecoming week and spirit week was fantastic. Tailgate and Halloween was great, the building is beautiful and everything is clean, and it’s just a wonderful place to be.”

He doesn’t want to make any vast changes without fully knowing about Fraser or hurting the students education in any way. He made his main focus this year to build trusting relationships and learning why Fraser High School is the way it is.

“This year is just about building relationships with staff members and students, parents and community members, seeing how everything works, then getting feedback from people and why we do things certain ways, and if there’s things that we want to change we can change. If there’s things we’re doing well then we’ll keep doing that, and if there’s things to improve we will try to improve the best we can, “ said Sines.

Another one of his main focus for Fraser is that every student gets a good experience here, everyone is excited to come to school, and the students uses all the advantages at Fraser.

“I want everyone to feel like there’s people who care about them here, and to understand  that what they’re coming to is special and unique to American students. It’s free public education that lets them really figure out what they want to do, and Fraser offers so many options and paths to choose from such as military or college or whatever they want,” said Sines,”It lets students take advantage of all the professional staff members here that can really share their knowledge with them, and I just hope they enjoy their time here.”

So far, Sines first year as principal is going well and he hopes that he can make this year at Fraser good for everyone.

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