HOSA Blood Drive

Riley Sebastian, Author

  On Wednesday, October 17, Fraser HOSA hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive right here at Fraser High School.

HOSA, which is an organization with the intent of providing high school students with knowledge and leadership opportunities that revolve around health sciences, wished to achieve the goal of 56 units of blood donated. This goal; however, was difficult to achieve do to the lack of  registered volunteers.

Although there were only 20 people that signed up to donate, Fraser HOSA was able to collect a total of 50 units of blood. This was a result from community donors and last minute volunteers.

  “The turnout was pretty average, with more walk-ins than usual,” Brianna Daley, the president of Fraser HOSA, said.

A total amount of 71 people that signed in and attended the event. However, 23 people were not able to donate blood due to minor medical issues.

The blood that was collected was given to the American Red Cross, who Fraser HOSA has been working with for many years. The partnership between the two consists of the Red Cross supplying the materials and staff members needed to donate blood and HOSA supplying the donors and helping with the registration.

The Red Cross also decides which hospital the blood is sent: it all depends on which hospital needs it the most.


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