Fraser Bond Update

Colin Mann, Author

    Come the conclusion of Fraser’s up in coming May ballot day, bond proposals for much needed improvements to several district schools will either shot down or approved by voters. This decision will come about later this year and will see schools from all over the district submit proposals requesting funds for maintenance and projects.  

    To go into greater specifics, these budget bonds are collaboratively put together between district and building staff who decide on necessary improvements to be included for that years proposal.  

    These bonds are also generally kept within the current city budget regarding education so that the fear of increased taxes to pay for certain improvements doesn’t scare off potential voters. However, with difficult timing, ambitious improvements and other exceptions to this rule, taxes as well as other factors present issues for the budget logistics of these bonds and cause solutions such as increased taxing to be a variable in voter’s decisions. 

  “But the prospect of Fraser, along with 10 other communities, funding the drain line repairs for a sinkhole that opened up in the community, the prospect of paying for additional school repairs might cast a dark shadow.” Macomb Daily writer, Ray Skowronek said. 

















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