The Class Family Grill

KayLee Bush, Author

The Classic Family Grill is a small family restaurant at 34553 Utica Rd. This little restaurant is full of delicious food, and they serve breakfast all day.

Prek believes in high quality food and bigger portions so you never leave hungry. The friendly staff at the grill is always ready and happy to serve you and your family. Pete (prek) has been the owner of several successful restaurants since the 1990’s and has brought some of those Old Traditional home cooked recipes along with him.

The owner draws costumers in through his website as well by emphasizing these great recipes and atmosphere.

The website states “Our establishment offers rich quality and great services with a smile that will make everyone feel at home.”

The Classic Family Grill thanks you for your support and looks forward to serving you in the future. Menu and more information can be found at

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