Safety Improvements Made at Fraser High School

Kaitlyn Lesher, Author

Fraser High School recently made an effort to improve safety at their school; not only physically, but mentally

In March of 2017, a safety expert from Macomb County Office of Emergency Management visited the district and help to make improvements of safety for the students and staff.

According to the Fraser School District website, Superintendent Carrie Wozniak commented on this matter.

“Our district has already taken many steps to improve student safety, but we know there are always new developments and training to build upon that. This will be an ongoing process,” Wozniak said.

Based on survey results and the expert help, the Board of Education worked on a list of improvements to be made this past summer.

These improvements include: security desk installed at the Klein Road entrance, an intercom system (such as what is at the main entrance), and only students will be allowed to enter through that specific door.  The district also did a survey to get the students perspective on their safety. When looking at the survey results, many students and staff at FHS said they felt unsafe in the cafeteria because of the large windows, which led to the district deciding to cover them in the best way possible.

Since the spring, the district has started setting up professional development classes for all teachers on emotional and mental health. Additional training is scheduled throughout the school year as the district is looking to improve on all levels of well-being.