Edison Elementary Hosts Halloween Parade

Gracie Hand, Author

At Edison Elementary, a school in the Fraser Public School district, there will be an annual Halloween parade held on October 31, Students will be released early on this day at 1:30 P.M.  

The parade will begin at 10:30 A.M. The school will walk around the soccer field twice, depending on the weather. Then, students will be led back to their classrooms, where there will be more Halloween related festivities.  

Students are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school and have the option to stay in their costumes or change into regular clothing. It is asked by the principal to wear school-appropriate costumes and to not wear anything that indicates violence. Masks are also not permitted, as well as heavy makeup. Students can also not bring roller blades, scooters, skateboards, etc. Makeup and hair products are requested to stay at home. 

“[He] likes to getting wear [his] costume and seeing other costumes,” Lucas Centner, an Edison sixth grader said. 

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