Cancel Cancel Culture


Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter


On social media, people can post whatever they want and can say whatever they want, usually without thinking what others will think or they think their post is cool or funny in some way. Although there are many funny posts or amazing pictures posted, some people post things that seem ignorant or rude. Especially young teens who post some things that are seen as offensive to many people and makes them seem like a horrible person. Posts on social media define people, no matter how old the post may be, or if the person is different from back then.

In the past few years, people have been digging into older posts, especially older posts of celebrities and social media stars, and spreading those posts around, eventually ruining their reputation. People would go far back to 2012 and 2013 on twitter, and find offensive tweets, such as racist and colorist tweets, and spread it on social media. People who are offended by these tweets, comments hate on the person posts and ends up cancelling them.

Now, at first when people started canceling these public figures, it was a good reason why they’re cancelled. These celebrities were canceled for being racists or sexual offenders, and they think what they believe or did wasn’t wrong, Those people deserved to be cancelled, but now in today’s’ media, people are cancelling people for things they did years ago, gave a genuine apology for, and obviously changed for the better. Despite apologizing and showing they changed, people still cancel them over a tweet from 6 years ago.

Many people in their teenage years back in 2012 were ignorant and teens say stupid stuff all the time without thinking. Since celebrities and some social media stars are held at such high standards, they are expected to be perfect, or at least the closest thing to perfection. People forget that they are human beings that make mistakes and can say some cruel and insensitive things. Although they might have said some insensitives things in the past, it does not dictate themselves in the present.

If someone has said something such as a racist joke on twitter, then before cancelling them, people should see if they apologized. Not a simple apology of, “I’m sorry, I messed up, and I’ll try to be a better person,” but a genuine apology that isn’t short, and they acknowledge what they are apologizing for. Then see if the person actually changed for the better and if they did then people should give them another chance.

People who made awful jokes or said something ignorant online, but they genuinely apologize and trying to be a better person than they shouldn’t be cancelled. Now, if a person said something disgusting and offensive in the past, they don’t think anything was wrong with what they said or did, and they still do it then they should be cancelled. If the person doesn’t make any efforts in trying to be a better person, they don’t deserve another chance. Also if the person actions were inhumane and disgusting, such as being a sexual offender, then they definitely deserve to be cancelled. However, for the people who made an inappropriate joke, but they give a genuine apology, they try to be better, and  their actions show they are being a better person, then they should be uncancelled.

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