Tonight Belongs To You Tour


Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

On September 18th, at The Shelter in Detroit, the boy band In Real Life held a small, but exciting concert. With their opening acts, Spencer Sutherland and Jag Mac, and roaring crowd, the concert was looking to be great.

The Venue was The Shelter in Detroit, where famous acts such as Eminem has performed, and it’s an basement that has a bar and seems like a perfect place for a party. There  were no seats during the whole show, and people had to stand. It’s fine to have a standing venue, but standing outside for almost an hour then standing inside for another 3 hours, is not fun. Other than having to stand for about 4 hours, the venue was perfect for the small concert.

The first opening act was Spencer Sutherland, a soulful pop singer who performed a few of his songs, such as “Fine” and “Sweater”. Sutherland also performed a few covers, such as Harry Styles, Sign Of The Times, and sang a few request from the audience such as “Party In The U.S.” Spencer Sutherland performance was amazing and he has a powerful voice. He kept on hitting note after note perfectly, yet still had so much energy throughout his performance. He kept coming to the crowd and held the audience hands, and had a great interaction with them. Spencer Sutherland was a great opening act that was nice to the audience, and had great interactions with them.

The next opening act was JAGMAC,a 6 member sibling pop group that also dance. They performed a few of their songs, such as Like Ooh, and a few covers such as Bruno Mars, Finesse. The group was good, especially their dancing. JAGMAC had strong dance moves and they were perfectly in synch. Their dance was impressive, and they had impressive vocals and rap to match. They were a good opening act to excite the audience for the rest of the show.

In Real Life finally came out after an hour of the opening acts performing, and they did amazing. Although it was a small venue with a crowd that didn’t fill up the place, it felt like they were performing for millions. There stage presence and energy was meant for a crowd of thousands and they put in their all. In Real Life performed their songs, a melody of other boy groups, danced, and each member had a solo. All of their solos were great and it showcased their individual talents well. One solo that stood out was Michael Connors’ solo. At first, Michael didn’t stand out much, but during his solo he performed his own rap and he did a great job. His rap was something people wouldn’t expect from someone like Michael who’s in a pop boy band, but his rap was strong and had strong lyrics to match. Michael also performed on his violin, and his violin covers were good and didn’t sound out of tune. Michael stood out a lot, but the other boys also add a different style with their solos and they all match each other well to make a talented and strong boy band.

Overall, the concert was good and it was worth standing for 4 hours, and I understand why this boy band is growing such a loyal fanbase.

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