“2002” by Anne- Marie is a Catchy Tune in 2018


Photo provided by Roadhouse.org

Lauren Flores, Contributor

In Anne-Marie’s latest hit, “2002,” the songstress reminiscences on a past love and the experiences they shared. Anne- Marie is originally from the United Kingdom and her collaboration with well-known DJ Marshmello in the song tilted “Friends” helped project her more into the spot light. Anne- Marie has released a couple of albums based on the names of her songs. Aside from her most recent collaboration, Anne- Marie has also joined forces with bands such as Rudimental and Clean Bandit to sing parts in their works. Her newest song provides fans with great vocals and even greater lyrics while still maintaining a pop-music feel.

Since this song’s main point is to look back on the past, Anne- Marie’s lyrics reflect this theme. From saying the pair acted like grown-ups when they were only just children to growing up and becoming young adults, listeners are compelled to think back on their first love. Referring to the past and singing about the year 2002 seems to envoke pleasant memories for the singer. Each past experience paints an image in the listener’s mind as to why that event was so important to Anne-Marie. When fans hear the lyrics, they can invision that scene playing out.

Another noticeable element to the song is repetition. Towards the end of the song, Anne- Marie often repeats the phrase “on the day we fell in love.” These lyrics not only explain why this year was significant to her, but also reveals that this was important to her past love as they developed mutual feelings for each other. The repetition shown here focuses on why this day is special for the songstress.

From the refrain referring to well-known pop songs back in the day, this song incorporates the use of allusions. These songs include hits from Britney Spears to Nelly. The references to these other artists stress the love that was shared between the pair. Since most of these referenced songs are from the past, Anne- Marie attempts to show what songs were popular when she was young. With the refrain following each verse, these lyrics show what songs highlighted young love during this time period.

Anne- Marie’s newest song cues listeners to what adolescent love was like for the artist. This song has received  widespread attention for the little time it has been out and there is even a music video to accompany the track. From the sentimental lyrics to the imagery, this song will job listener’s memories on similar experiences. Anne- Marie through her recent hits and collaborations with other artists proves to be a rising star in the music industry.

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