To Girls, Young Women, and Empowering Women:

Mya Scranton, Author

Ever since you were a child, you have been dressed in little dresses for special occasions and maybe even told to join a sport for exercise. At such a young age, girls should be allowed to have a childhood and have cuts and scrapes on their hands and knees from playing outside too much.


In today’s society, little girls are expected to act like women, even at a young age. For example, if you take a look at celebrities’ children, such as North and Saint West , Blue Ivy Carter, and Luna Stephens, they are children that older people are already idolizing. These children have not had the “normal” childhood that every child deserves. Rather than wearing a tee shirt and overalls from Old Navy, they are wearing Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Yeezy name brand clothing.


Social media has a huge influence on society’s set “ideal” body image. Young adult women and teen girls especially feel the pressure of being thin, having a curvy figure, or having big breasts and/or butt. These are the feature of society’s current ideal body image. The fact that girls of young age are expected to look this way is disgusting.


For many girls trying to grow into their bodies, especially through puberty, it doesn’t help to see someone they idolize, on the front of a magazine. The people on the front of magazines hold so much power over developing teenage girls and even young adult women. The models are seen to have a waist size of 0, no acne, perfectly curled hair, defined cheekbones, and even perfectly placed freckles. These are the features that are often admired and desired by young women.


However, even the models in the picture do not actually look like the portrayed images either. Majority of the time, their pictures are stripped of natural beauty and then mislead by photoshop. The model’s bodies are reconstructed like robots, whom magazine editors think society will accept as beautiful. Photoshopping of natural beauty takes advantage of women’s self-esteem and holds control over them in their day-to-day life.


These women are always trying to look like someone that doesn’t even exist and that’s when things can get serious. This can lead girls and young women to become anorexic, bulimic, etc. Many women want this desired body image to please their partner. Women often feel pressured to keep the ideal body image so their partner will not cheat on them or leave them because their body doesn’t appeal to anyone.


Something that our generation is finally accepting is for all women to love their body for what it is. More and more women gain the courage to workout in a gym and live a healthier lifestyle by choice, not by expectations. There is a difference between having a healthy lifestyle and using other methods, such as anorexia, to getting an ideal body image.

Women are changing the future every day by embracing their bodies and natural beauty. For the future generation of girls, the power of women spreads for the better.

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