Tennis Sports Brief


Mya Scranton, Author

Before the Fraser Girls Tennis Team competes at their regional tournament, they are faced by their toughest competition, Dakota High School’s Girls Tennis Team. Dakota’s Girls Tennis Team has been Fraser’s biggest rival for many years and this match had all the girls convinced they were going to get squashed out on the court. At the beginning of the match, the girls went in discouraged and unfocused; however, as the match went on, they all began to show their confidence through their playing. They thought it was near impossible to keep up with Dakota’s team, yet they put forth their efforts and finished with the fight of their lives. The overall match may have ended 3-5 with Dakota winning; however, the Fraser girls fought to the finish. Many girls put their personal best into their set, rattling the competition. Fraser may have lost in this challenging match, but their coach was proud to say that all of the girls delivered the best performance on this day.

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