Softball And Growth


Annie Williams

Mr. Fishburn has been at Fraser High School for about 23 years. He has been. coaching the softball team at Fraser High School, and has taught the girls of the team many life lessons through the sport.

“Softball teaches the girls life lessons and helps them grow as a person. It also helps them gain friends and push out of their comfort zone, “ said Fishburn.

Along with being a coach, Fishburn is also a health ED and Psychical ED teacher that also graduated from Fraser. He’s been coaching the softball team for a long time, and hopes the team will grow.

“I hope the girls learn from each other and grow as a person while being on the team, “ Fishburn said.

For the season, the softball team has lost many fames, but also won many games. It’s been a steady season of up and downs with many cancelled games due to weather, but the team has been working very hard.

“The girls always tried their best each game and push themselves. The season has been ok, but as the season continues, I hope the team wins more games and the girls grow. They are a good team that I know will do great things.”


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