LIVVIA Caught A Body

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter


Starting at 13, LIVVIA singing and songwriting  in Los Angeles, where she focused completely on her music career. Along with singing and songwriting, she also dances, plays piano, and is currently in college studying economics. She’s been making songs and singing since she was a young teen, and in her late teens she started doing tours with artists such as The Jonas Brother, Jessie J, Meghan Trainor, and more. LIVVIA  music has always been pop oriented, but they all have different messages to provide listeners support and help listeners feel comfortable in their own skin. LIVVIA songs are also meant to be fun and enthusiastic to let her listeners have fun with the song.

LIVVIA recently released a new song called Catch A Body. Featuring Quavo, Catch A Body is a pop song that is about a girl who finds this guy attractive and is killer. The song is suppose to be sensual by reading the lyrics, but the music doesn’t go with the lyrics. Actually, nothing seems to fit quite right in the song. First the music just sounds weird. The music during the verses is lackluster and the chorus is boring, and then it goes into a weird beat drop that doesn’t fit well with the song. The beat drop and music before and after doesn’t go together, and the song sounds all over the place. Then the singer voice doesn’t go with the music well either. Her voice is boring and doesn’t change at all throughout the song. It sounds like it’s at the same note throughout the whole song and sounds slightly squeaky. Her voice also has a lot of autotune, probably to try to make up for how boring she sounds, but it just makes her voice more squeaky, annoying, and plain. Actually, Quavo who features in LIVVIA song fits more in the song than LIVVIA. Quavo is the only good part of the song and his voice fits well with the song, but his part isn’t amazing or outstanding, it’s just ok. The only good part of the song is just ok, and then the rest of the song is boring and just plain out bad. It’s a bad pop song that should have been scrapped.

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