Over My Head Is Stuck In My Head


Photo provided by MOXIE

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

The sibling trio, Echosmith, is an alternative-pop band that started in 2013. At first, is was a quartet with 3 brothers and 1 sister, but one of the brothers left to focus on his wife and newborn baby. With the brother leaving, it left 3 siblings who recreated their music style with shimmering synths and used more percussions instead of guitars in the beginning. Since the change, the band stayed with a dreamy pop sound with the vocalist sweet voice.

‘Over My Head’ was recently released and kept the dreamy sound and soft vocals. The music is nice, simple, neither boring nor annoying, and is a bit playful. There isn’t any strong guitar and mainly consists of percussion instruments. The drum beats aren’t impactful, but is bold and makes the song very easy to listen to. Then there’s slight piano playing the same beat in the chorus, but isn’t annoying due to the amount of percussions in the song. The piano is drowned out by the percussions and keypad, but adds a cool effect to make the song more imaginative. The vocals in the song isn’t very powerful or impactful. The vocals is easy to listen to, being sweet and soft, but doesn’t stand out by itself. The vocals are a bit boring, but with the music along with the vocals, the music levitates the vocals. The vocals sounds like a sweet instrument because the vocals aren’t being drowned out by the music or being louder than the music. The vocals goes along with the music well and together makes the song very nice and pleasant to the ears. ‘Over My Head’ is a nice and dreamy pop song that everyone should give a listen to.

Photo provided by MOXIE
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