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This past weekend at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association State Solo and Ensemble Festival hosted at Chippewa Valley High School, numerous awards have been given to some of Fraser’s finest band students. 35 events qualified at the District Solo & Ensemble Festival, with a total of 30 events participating at the State competition Included in the State competition were FIVE chamber ensembles, each comprised of 9 – 20 students.  Receiving First Division ratings are the Flute Choir, Brass Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble. 23 of these events received First Division ratings, equivalent to the overall grade of an “A”, and 6 events received Second Division ratings.  The proficiencies get increasingly more difficult as the students progress by grade.  For the proficiency ratings, a First Division is a score of 85 – 100, and a Second Division is a score of 70 – 84. The soloist who are grades 10, 11, and 12 compete at a proficiency level, which includes performing their solo, memorized scales, and sight reading music they have never seen before. WOW.

Here are the names of the First and Second division awarded ratings:

First Division Ratings:

  1. Madeline Pretto—Clarinet Solo, Proficiency III, 85
  2. Rachel Gieleghem—Clarinet Solo, Proficiency II, 96
  3. Sidney Zuccaro—Oboe Solo, Proficiency II, 95
  4. Alex Jacobs—Snare Drum Solo, Proficiency II, 94
  5. Samantha Hunt—Clarinet Solo, Proficiency II, 90
  6. Chad Bischoff—Tenor Sax Solo, Proficiency II, 89
  7. Ben Moenssen—Snare Drum Solo, Proficiency II, 87
  8. Colin Rodgers—Snare Drum Solo, Proficiency II, 87
  9. Marissa Hochberg—Snare Drum Solo, Proficiency II, 86
  10. Ethan Moleski—Alto Sax Solo, Proficiency I, 98
  11. Jacob Rodgers—Tenor Sax Solo, Proficiency I, 91
  12. Zach DuBay—Baritone Sax Solo, Proficiency I, 86
  13. Faith Ziegenfelder—Flute Solo, 9thGrade
  14. Gabriella Brown—Flute Solo, 9thGrade
  15. Natalie Stahl—Alto Sax Solo, 9thGrade
  16. Rachel Gieleghem, Madeline Pretto, Katie Achatz—Clarinet Trio
  17. Sidney Zuccaro, Lauren Argiri, Jacob Rodgers, Chad Bischoff—Saxophone Quartet
  18. Julia Wallace, Lauren Argiri, John Cotey, Samantha Hunt, Richard Johnson, Zach DuBay, Olivia Lastomirsky, Joseph Walega—Sax Octet
  1. Flute Choir (10 students)
  2. Brass Ensemble (17 students)
  3. Clarinet Ensemble (16 students)
  4. Percussion Ensemble (16 students)
  5. Saxophone Ensemble (14 students)

 Second Division Ratings:

  1. Richard Johnson—Tenor Sax Solo, Proficiency III, 77
  2. Angelina Baglio—Flute Solo, Proficiency II, 83
  3. Elaine Stumpf—Bass Clarinet Solo, Proficiency I, 80
  4. Sean Rooney—Piano Solo, Proficiency I, 70
  5. Lorenzo Miller—Snare Drum Solo, 9thGrade
  6. Christine Reyes, Sara Hustek, Kasey Ley—Clarinet Trio

Congratulations Ramblers! And make sure to recognize them in your classes or in the hall when you see them!




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