I Like Me Better When I Listen To This Song.

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

Ari Leff, Lauv, started writing at a young age and has always loved writing songs about love and breakup. His  songs are very open and have a sense of vulnerability. His music can be described as a mix of indie-pop and electronic music. Lauv’s song, Like Me Better, is an indie-pop song that is chill and uptempo song. It’s about someone liking someone else and feel better about themselves and life when they are around that person. It’s a song that is simple and it’s very upbeat. The song is happy and lovely, but it’s a bit boring. Since it’s so simple, there isn’t anything that sticks out or gives a pow factor to the song. It’s a nice and fun song, but it can get boring after listening to it repeatedly. Also, the instruments sounds harsh during the chorus. It’s a nice song, but some parts are going hard while the rest of the song is calming, it would have been cool as it contradicts itself, but it doesn’t and sounds rough. The song is nice and cool, but it’s something that is not great to listen to 24/7.

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