Circus Of Harm And Mistreatment


Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter


Garden Bros Circus is a circus act that has been going on for 100 years.

Garden Bros Circus is any other typical circus with clowns, acrobats, fire, and performance animals. The performance animals range from elephants to camels to horses, and all those animals share the common state of being in pain and abused by the circus.

The animals at the Garden Bros Circus have been treated cruelly and have been through torture to do a silly trick such as standing on two legs. Animals in circuses get ‘punished’ for not listening to their caretakers and are often hit, shocked, or aren’t fed to teach them to obey their caretakers.

They have shocked their elephants to listen to them and according to PETA, a former employee has seen the caretakers for Libby and Bunny, Garden Bros Elephants, being shocked with tasers before they took the stage to ‘warm up’ the elephants. From the same former employee, they have also witnessed the elephants being hit and have been sick for days without any treatment.

Garden Bros Circus has done similar harm to their other animals such as their camels. According to PETA, in 2016 camels were seen being beaten by their caretakers. The camels were howling during the beaten that lasted for almost ten minutes. The camels regularly deal with this type of abuse after or sometimes before a performance. Many of Garden Bros animals are beaten, shocked, and sometimes get no treatment when they are sick.

Another thing to add, the Garden Bros elephants are suffering from physical pain, according to veterinarian, Dr. Ensley. He went to a few performances of the circus, where he saw Libby and Bunny be in pain. “Based on observations, and a review of videos and photographs, I concluded Libby and Bunny to be abused, injured, harmed, and harassed elephants suffering physically, in a state of psychological deterioration, and compromised welfare attributable to their standard of care and living conditions controlled by use of a bullhook, “ said Ensley in his wellness report of the elephants.

Besides abusing their animals, the circus is unsafe for people. In September of 2017, the circus came to Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada for a few performances. The performances were cancelled after the first one had received many complaints from customers about the overcrowding and damaged tents, according to ARFF, Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. Firefighters also came to the scene and said that the tent was unsafe.

The Garden Brothers Circus is abusive and unsafe to animals, while also being unsafe to people that attend their performances. The circus has lasted for over 100 years with a history of health concerns and harm towards their animals and it is time to close the curtains. Close the curtains and end the show for good. Garden Brothers Circus has harmed so many animals and been unsafe for many attendees. They had 100 years to change, treat their animals better, and make it safe for people to watch the show, but they haven’t, and they probably won’t if they continue. Garden Brothers Circus should either be shut down or change by getting rid of their animals or taking care of the animals and use bigger tents to make their attendees feel safe and not crowded. If they don’t change, then they should be closed down as soon as possible.


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