Jazz at Cliff Bell’s

Haylee Higgins

  Fraser High Schools Jazz Band performs at multiple different gigs throughout the year.  This year, along with last year, the band of twenty-one performed at a fancy restaurant located in downtown Detroit named Cliff Bell’s. At Cliff Bell’s, you can make a reservation for a table or you can come and sit at the open bar. The food is pricey, but the performances are extraordinary.

  This year, the band had a setlist of ten songs, all with their own special sound. In these songs, not including percussion features, there were twelve soloists throughout. Also, there were three percussionists that took part in multiple percussion features. That is 15/21 of the band performing amazing solos for the crowd to focus on.

  The band was opening for the Scott Grinnell’s Jazz Orchestra. Many of the students in Fraser’s band stayed after their performance to watch the amazing band, and they were not let down. The band performed a variety of songs that were inspiring to the musicians watching. All in all, the performance as a whole was a major success.